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Global Technology is a leading managed IT and network solution provider for over 23 years. We handle a broad range of clients, from the public to the private sector, delivering business solutions through the provision of IT services. Global Technology is an award winning Multinational Technological Organisation. We work closely with you to first understand and define what is truly of value to your business, and then jointly work to create an intuitive, integrated and customised business solution tailored to your unique requirements. Global Technology have the knowledge on all technology types, from standard in-office workstations and servers, to mobile data and communications. We can set-up all the latest technology products and teach you on how to use them. this is what we refer to as the Total IT Solutions. We provides expertise and advice on the products and networks used by small medium businesses. Global Technology Pty Ltd was formed in 1993 in preparation for the deregulation of the IT communications industry, which commenced in 1994. The company boasts extensive experience in the Total IT communications industry within its ranks, much of this derived from the larger manufacturing and network corporations.


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With the use of state-of-the-art technology, Global Technology provides networks with blazing fast speed and effortless intuition.

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With clear affiliation with top-level hosting locations and CDN Technology, Global Technology provides the highest hosting quality.

Top Level Telecommunication

Global Technology provides reliable yet promising telecommunications systems despite the current need for them.

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Effortless and Seamless Designs throughout your entire business thanks to Global Technology, providing a face to your businesss.

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Allow your website, files, and information all to be stored in the cloud, this can reduce storage and enhance efficiency.

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